Friday, February 24, 2012

I cannot thank my voice coach and dear friend Joanne Joella enough for all her guidance, support, and encouragement over the past eight years or so.  Joella Arts has gone through many changes over the years, but it has recently risen, phoenix-style, to its finest incarnation.  Joanne and some other wonderful professionals are offering voice classes at a wonderful new creative space in the Sherman Mills neighborhood of Philadelphia.  I'll let Joanne tell you about  it:

I have been able to open a mini-JoellaArts.  Instead of the three-story Shovel Shop, I have one delightful studio at Sherman Mills Arts Community in East Falls right off Ridge Avenue on Scotts Lane. Here is the web site if you'd like to get a general idea of what Sherman Mills is all about. Please click 

Joanne has enlisted the help of trained professionals Bill Deal, Victor Rodriguez and Krissy Johnson  to propel singers to the next level of performance excellence.  Please contact Joella Arts if you are a singer on the cusp of "killing it!"  Check out the news for yourself by checking out the link HERE.

In association with Adrienne Covington's Overbrook Casting, Joella Arts also offers acting workshops that focus on breathing technique and being "in the moment" during a read... I recommend Joanne's expertise to ANYONE who can make good use of positive ENERGY, honest FEEDBACK, and generous SUPPORT.  For a schedule and description of these classes available through Overbrook Casting,  click HERE.

Thanks for everything, Joanne!  Please check out the services offered by Joanne and her industry colleagues.  Trust them to share their real experiences with their students in a truly giving environment.  At Joella Arts, the passion for performance is matched only by the passion to share the secrets of success.  Trust me, I know first hand.

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