Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Charlie and Ian Strike Again

After quite a bit of fiddling with my gear, I finally have a recording setup that I can deal with.  Lots of stupid imaginary conversations will undoubtedly be popping up in the next few months.  Maybe it will only be one silly comment, but at least there will be some voices that you can recognize saying some ridiculous things.  This little tidbit is something I've been thinking about, and someday I'll write an actual script for Charlie Sheen and Ian McKellan to use instead of just randomly dropped sound bites.

I just can't stop saying, "I'm on a drug... it's called Charlie Sheen!"
Of course, after saying it like the Vatican Assassin himself I began experimenting with Ian McKellan
and I can't decide who is more convincing.  Sir Ian can be pretty authoritative, so you'd believe him in a heartbeat... but Charlie swears that one's face would melt off after doing the drug.  And does Mr. McKellan's face look melted to you?   Well, maybe he's holding it onto his skull in the photo but he appears to be in good health otherwise.

Wanna hear what they might say to each other:

Thursday, July 7, 2011

And here we...GO!!

Owen McCuen is now available full time for voice over work!  Thassright... After a crazy couple of weeks (including an awesome Show Week at The Little Gym, wedding preparation, the wedding itself, and a fantastic honeymoon) I am ready for action.  This has been brewing for probably about 30 years, so I guess it's about time.

What do voice actors do?  Well, we act with our voices.  Just turn on the radio and listen for a commercial.  When a construction worker waxes poetic about his morning coffee or a child finds a mythical beast in her mom's laptop computer, those people are most likely actors  (I know, you didn't really want to see under that veil, but reality hurts).  Whenever a message wriggles its way through the thick crust of media and leaves a lasting impression on the listener, the creative forces behind that message are at the top of their game.  I offer my voice(s) to the creative process!

Who could use a person like me?  Sound studios need a bank of competent voice actors to breathe life into scripts.  Marketing folks may be searching for something specific, an "Oh yeah, that's the guy!" moment.
Film and editing, online productions, television, animation, radio stations, voice mail... Feel free to share my information with anyone who might want to hear my commercial demo, character demo, or the other recordings I've done.  You can share my Facebook info, Twitter handle (@owenmccuenvoice) or a link to my blog (you're reading it right now, so that's a no-brainer!), but definitely direct interested parties to my website:

Thanks so much for listening to the Voices in My Head.  There will be more posts coming soon with audio or video in the content.  Drop me a line!