Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Hey Friends,

The clockwork whirs and the springs go boing! and life moves along with a stubborn persistence.  So trying to maintain a bunch of web presences is a bit tricky, but I've updated some other stuff in order that I could update this.  Check out my other pages, "Other Recordings" and "Links" to see what I've been up to...

I finally got moving and figured out how to use some of the acting resources on the web, where my professional resume is available for people seeking actors and voice over artists.  These are now available to my more casual readers, who can pretty much see and hear what I've done right here on this site.

But what work have I done lately?  My amazing coach Joanne Joella had advised me to get involved in some film shoots, be they small/extra roles in a good-sized project or more substantial parts in smaller features (like student films and such)... So I have.


Craigslist provided me with an opportunity to audition for a feature-length film that is being produced out of Rowan University.  I read for one part, but the writer/producer called me back to read for another part, which I landed!  I'm really excited about the project, and it MAY just be submitted to the Philly Film Festival this year or the following year.  The role is pretty tasty, I must admit, and we should all keep our fingers crossed in hopes that the production goes off without a hitch.  Ya never know, I may appear on the big screen someday!

Aside from the Rowan project (I'll keep you updated as to the title and other details when filming actually begins.), I have also landed auditions in two other films that have been written but I'm not sure how much other backing they may have.  One is a firefighter hangout film, and the other is a mysterious short film with a post-apocalyptic flavor called, "The Traveler."  I haven't read for these projects yet, but I am looking forward to earning roles in them.  I can get some practice taking direction and delving deep into a character, which will inform any future acting gigs as well as really crank up my voice over skills!


Whenever I get frustrated because I'm not yet making money living my dream, I think, "Hey!  I'm living my dream!"  In fact, I've found a supplemental dream: acting.  I figured I could do voice over work, but never gave acting any thought at all, I just didn't think it was for me.  Besides, I didn't get involved in any kind of acting or theater or whatever when I was in school, so I couldn't start now, could I?  Sometimes you're handed something that you didn't ask for and make the best of it.  Isn't there a proverb about that?

I was originally shown this comic by Paul Kessler, fellow Zahm Hall resident back in the late 90s, but I found it online HERE.  It is clearly a Max Cannon work.  I've been waiting for about 15 years to share this comic with the rest of the world.  Thanks, Paul.

So stay tuned for new updates regarding the rehearsals and filming of my current project, as well as the fate of my pride as seen in the light of auditioning for new projects as well.  Thanks for listening.  May the voices in your head speak with clear diction.

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