Friday, December 2, 2011

Ferment Nation Review

Yes, that is a vest made entirely of beer bottle caps.  And yes, I am fully decked out in Ferment Nation attire.  And yes, there is a point to selecting that particular picture.

My voice exploits cross over into my beer exploits with the release this past summer of the Victory Summer Love video review.  My brother Pat (check out his art blog called InkPuddle, by the way) had been doing the voice overs for awhile, but this one was mostly me;  Pat still lays claim to the dramatic "Ferment...Nation" intro and outro, and is also responsible for the video slide show.  Anyway, I figured I would put the review up for all the world to see and hear. Enjoy it!

As a side note, Victory Summer Love was one of my go-to beers this summer, along with Ithaca Flower Power, Flying Fish Extra Pale Ale, and Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald porter.

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